If in doubt about anything, it’s always better to ask!

NO SMOKING allowed anywhere inside the vehicle. 

The heating & boiler must be off when traveling.

Emergency and fire kits are located under the driver’s seat.

Fuel, LPG, and water must be full when returned as this is chargeable.

Toilet and “grey” water tanks must be empty on return as this is chargeable.

When emptying the tanks, the vehicle must be level.

No paper or wipes in the toilet. Use the bin provided.

Always allow at least 5 minutes warm up (idle) for the engine before driving off. 

Do not exceed 3500 rpm. There’s no more power over that, just stressing the engine.

60 mph is the optimal speed for fuel efficiency and good control of the vehicle.

In case any warning light or sound comes on you need to stop and call the company immediately. 

For any change to destination or passengers, you need to inform the company immediately.

Before driving make sure all doors & windows are closed and any loose items secured.

Awning legs must be folded correctly, otherwise, it will not close.

When operating the blinds do not use excessive force and make sure the magnetic catch is locked.

All functions and features have been explained and manuals provided where needed.

All vehicle’s functions and features have been accepted as satisfactory by the hirer.

In case of frost leave all water taps open. The boiler valve is located inside the wardrobe.

Electric steps must only be used when completely unfolded. They can’t bear any weight.

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